About OBTrend

Is OBTrend Regulated?

OBTrend is a trading name of On Best Trend Ltd Reg. No.97128. OBTrend  is authorized and regulated of REGISTRAR OF CORPORATION of REPUBLIC OF THE MARSHALL ISLANDS

How can I contact OBTrend ?

OBTrend runs a Client Service Desk 5 days a week between 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday. To contact the Client Service Desk you can e-mail us at support@onbesttrend.com

Funding and Withdrawals

How do I deposit funds?

OBTrend  offers multi-channel funding including bank transfer, Help2pay, Paytrust, and Payment Asia.

What is the minimum I can deposit?

OBTrend has a minimum deposit requirement of $500 (of your base currency) for Standard Accounts. The minimum deposit requirement for Pro Accounts is $20000 (of your base currency).

What currencies are available to deposit with?

You can have your trading account based/denominated in any of the following currencies: EUR and USD.
If using your own bank to convert funds from another currency, you may be subject to high conversion fees. Please contact our Customer Support by sending email to support@onbesttrend.com for alternative options.

How long does it take to receive funds in my OBTrend account?

If you have funded your OBTrend account via bank transfer, the funds will need to clear before they appear in your trading account and become available for use. This can take 2-5 working days depending on your location and bank.

If you have funded your OBTrend  account via Help2pay, Paytrust, and Payment Asia, funds will usually be available in your account within a day of completing the transaction.

How do I withdraw funds?

Log into the OBTrend Secure Client Portal and submit a withdrawal request. You can submit a withdrawal request at any time.
Please note that funds can only be withdrawn to a bank account in the same name as the trading account, i.e. if you have a company account you can’t withdraw funds to an account in the name of an individual.

Can I have my trade account in a different base currencies?

Yes. OBTrend  supports the following base currencies for your trading account: EUR and USD.

How long does it take for a withdrawal to be completed?

You can submit a withdrawal request at any time through your OBTrend  Secure Client Portal.
OBTrend cannot guarantee same day value for receipt of funds. Processing times are subject to the bank processing times but typically can take between 1-2 days for local transfers. International Transfers may take 2 – 5 days to be received.

How often do I receive account statements?

You can check your trading history and open positions at any time via your OBTrend  Secure Client Portal.
You will also receive a daily account statement if there is trading activity during that day, and a monthly statement at the beginning of each month.