• Our Value

    At OBTrend we remain committed to creating a dynamic enviroment that both respects traders and equips them with all necessary tools for their trading activites



We totally respect what you expect and bring exactly what you need to serve you for your trading. We make a difference & built our business model to be unique in this highly competitive market. Your Satisfaction is crucial aspect in ensuring a Successful business partnership.


    We are aware of the importance of adherence to regulations, rules and operational standards. We are committed to operating commercial investment activities within the allowed framework of applicable regulations and compliance in a disciplined and responsible manner. We achieve this by delivering transparency in liquidity and strictly financial management of capital and auditing for investors


    Unprecedented Fund Safety

    The most profit starved traders in the world need peace of mind to make winning decisions, and so should you. OBTrend lets you trade with assurance and security. We do our best to make sure your funds are handled in the safest way possible.


    OBTrend maintains segregated client accounts to ensure that client funds are fully separated from our own funds at all times. Each client account has a unique code to ensure that it is used solely for client funding purposes. All client funds deposited are completely segregated in accordance with strict policies and procedures. Clients can be assured that their funds are safe.


    Understanding the importance of Execution Speed can directly affect Trading activity & profitability of investors is crucial. We apply all modern, high tech tools and the most effective way to Trade at the best price within fastest time, even in the harsh conditions of today’s market.


    Connect with international and local payment methods to bring convenience and support Investors to do faster deposit & withdraw money at any time.


    We operate 24/7 to assist you at any time & anywhere. We have professional and friendly local expert to use local language connection to communicate with you in various ways. They are well trained and helpful.


    Adhering to our business Philosophy of ensuring the safety and fairness for your Trading we built the company’s foundation from a team of dedicated management and staff who understand all the ins and outs of the market.